Sliding Pictures out

Sliding Pictures out

Sliding Pictures out

«Sliding Pictures» has been released.

The Album is about transformation of the concept of home against the backdrop of two wars. A bomb shelter in Tel Aviv, a snow-covered Novoslobodskaya street, Mitzpe Street with the smell of the sea, the tree-lined Vykhino district — I rush through them as if in a dream.

The album title is a reference to transfer USSR stickers from the 70s. Sliding pictures capture the moment when a part of life has already been imprinted on tiles, while its continuation hangs in the air. In this movement — lies all the beauty and horror. I find home in it.

Almost all tracks on the album are collaborations with my friends, musicians, and alumni.

It’s as if I’ve had an epiphany: for the first time, I’ve gone beyond my self and found new strength in collaboration and synergy. It seems that with this strength, one can endure any war and truly feel support.

The brilliant cover of the animated months was made by Polina Gisich.

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