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New Album – O

New Album – O

New album of Anton Maskeliade was released! It`s called “O”. Enjoy!


1 Iskrk

2 Odinodin (Reinterpreting Seward)

3 Ona

4 Io

5 Onfim

6 Shiny (feat. Rave Smith)

7 Momdad

8 Newocean

9 Saratov

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Onfim – new video & single

Onfim – new video & single

New video and single Onfim from the upcoming album is out!

Onfim was a six year boy who lived in Novgorod in the 13th century, nowadays Russia. He left his pictures scratched in soft birch bark. They are the earliest known children’s drawings in existence.

You can also listen to the song on Soundloud.

FFM Festival in Los Angeles

FFM Festival in Los Angeles

Great news! Maskeliade will be participating at the Far From Moscow Festival in Los Angeles, USA (9-11 DEC). The festival will take place in UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and gathers a new wave of Russian artists in film, music, cuisine, fashion, and comics. Gig is TBA.

Audio guide for GULAG Museum

Audio guide for GULAG Museum

Maskeliade has made audio guide for The GULAG History State Museum, creating atmospheric soundscapes for the exhibition.

The exhibition is dedicated to the history of the rise, development and decline of the Soviet labor camp system, an instrumental and integral part of the Soviet state machinery in the 1930s – 50s, and its political, administrative and economic role. The exhibition room also displays personal cases of various people who fell victims of the Soviet repressive policy and were sentenced to labor camp imprisonment.

The audio guide is available in two languages, Russian and English.