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New Album – O

New Album – O

New album of Anton Maskeliade was released! It`s called “O”. Enjoy!


1 Iskrk

2 Odinodin (Reinterpreting Seward)

3 Ona

4 Io

5 Onfim

6 Shiny (feat. Rave Smith)

7 Momdad

8 Newocean

9 Saratov

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Poems are released on Polutona

Poems are released on Polutona

Maskeliade`s poems were released at one of the most important media about Russian poetry – “Polutona”.

Poetry has been always playing an important role in his life. He started writing poems since he started writing. It triggers his music ideas and helps composing tracks. For the last year Maskeliade has been reciting poems on his live shows.