Anton Maskeliade is an experimental electronic musician and producer, who plays music and visuals with the leap motion gesture control technology.

He is the winner of Contemporary Art Awards for achievements in the field of electronic music and has performed at different venues (ranging from clubs to museums) around the world: New York, London, Paris, Lucerne, Stockholm, Moscow, including the biggest international festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Fusion (DE), Pohoda (SK). Maskeliade also participated as musician & speaker at various showcase festivals: Waves in Vienna & Bratislava, Ment in Ljubljana, Colisium in St. Petersburg & Moscow. 

Maskeliade is recognized by the worldwide media: The Guardian, Noisey, Ableton, Leap Motion, as well as biggest media from Russia: Rolling Stone, DjMag, Afisha, Colta, Snob, LAM. Some of them listed him as one of the best Russian electronic musicians. 

Innovation and improvisation play crucial roles in his work, and his performances combine music and visual art. Maskeliade applies gesture control technique to music by using his body, thus putting the human element back into electronic music. He creates music and visuals with his movements and gestures via different devices. The audience is transferred to new stunning soundscapes that root in various genres from electronica to contemporary pop.

Maskeliade’s first album, Subtract the Silence of Myself, was released in Russia in 2014 and got attention from musical press all around the world. He was nominated for the Steppenwolf Award. His music was included in The Best of Russian Indie 2014 compilation.

His music career started in the USA, when he took part in the OneBeat program for talented young artists. Since then, Maskeliade has shared the stage with such artists as Moderat, Matthew Herbert, Emika, The Herbaliser, The Glitch Mob, Dub FX, Moritz Von Oswald.